Join the Grafana Labs team for a 30-minute demo of how to get started with the Grafana Stack, so you can go from zero to observability in just a few minutes.

We’ll walk through the Grafana user interface while showing how to set up monitoring for a web service that uses Prometheus and Loki to visualize metrics and logs, as well as use and setup Enterprise plugins such as Splunk.

You’ll learn how to connect, explore, and correlate data in Grafana to gain valuable insights into your application. We’ll also speak to several other Grafana Enterprise features such as datasource permissions, PDF reporting, and more.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Setup the Grafana Stack so you can go from zero to observability in just a few minutes
  • Collect and visualize and alert on all of your data
Nabeel Anthony Saad

Nabeel Anthony Saad

Principal Solutions Engineer | EMEA at Grafana Labs

Nabeel Saad is a Solutions Engineer at Grafana Labs focused on showing customers the value of our solutions and improving their work lives! When he’s not knee deep in open source or cloud aspects, he enjoys ultimate frisbee, circus acts and board game nights.