Join us to learn more about:

  • Why considering the context leads to better-designed Grafana dashboards
  • How you can create a consistent dashboard style that is easily accessible and beautiful
  • How you can structure your dashboard to tell a story
  • How you can evaluate and improve existing dashboards

Our commitment to the open-source community knows no boundaries. We host this webinar series across various timezones to connect with users worldwide. Explore the same content by Grafana Labs team members in:

The right dashboard can transform your data into actionable insights.

Whether you’ve dabbled with your first dashboard or are revisiting established ones, the art of design plays a pivotal role. Join us for a deep dive into building dashboards that are not just informative but also engaging. Master the design principles to create Grafana dashboards that resonate and drive decisions.

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Mattias Segerdahl

Principal Solutions Engineer, Grafana Labs