During this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Continuous profiling 101 - what it is and when to start using continuous profiling
  • How to get started with Grafana Cloud Profiles - a hosted continuous profiling tool in Grafana Cloud
  • See a live demo on how to use Grafana Cloud Profiles to optimize an application for the lowest latency
  • How combining profiling data with traces or performance test data can not only accelerate incident resolution but also prevent outages

Gain code-level visibility to optimize your applications with Grafana Cloud Profiles

Learn how continuous profiling extends observability all the way down to individual lines of code allowing you to get better insights into application performance and optimize infrastructure spend.

Grafana Cloud Profiles is integrated into Grafana Cloud, giving you access to your favorite Grafana visualizations and dashboards, including flame graphs and histograms, to visualize profiling data. You can also analyze profiling data alongside other telemetry signals like metrics, traces, and performance test data, without the hassle of switching between separate observability tools.

This webinar is best suited for those new to continuous profiling, seeking a quick start, or Grafana Cloud users interested in adding profiling data to their observability toolkit to accelerate troubleshooting.

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