Big Bang is a secure, declarative baseline for building, delivering, and operating custom infrastructure and configuration as code in a dedicated DevSecOps environment. It’s quickly becoming the standard for government Kubernetes environments in the DoD. In this talk, the Defense Unicorns team will describe the problem space that Big Bang looks to address and demonstrate a live deployment with the Loki-Grafana-Tempo-Mimir (LGTM) stack.

Tom Runyan

CTO & Co-founder, Defense Unicorns

Tom Runyon, a former government civilian, has felt many frustrations trying to get software into production.  He co-founded Defense Unicorns, a software logistics company, to identify blockers and productizing solutions in the software delivery space for critical infrastructure.

Andrew Blanchard

DevSecOps Consultant, Defense Unicorns

Andrew Blanchard got his start creating software to support biometrics research for Homeland Security, but ended up spending more cycles deploying the infrastructure and tools needed to run that software for the data collection.  He joined Defense Unicorns to help build a repeatable set of tools to enable software teams to have the tools they need to focus on their own software.