SAP HANA Cloud is the backbone of SAP’s fast-growing database and data management cloud offering. To monitor the global landscape of SAP HANA Cloud clusters, SAP combines Grafana Enterprise and Grafana Loki with other open source components in a fully automated deployment.

Learn how SAP created a push-button solution to deploy complete multi-cluster product landscapes, including an integrated observability infrastructure. You’ll hear how microservice developers around the globe can independently onboard new metrics, logs, and Grafana dashboards as part of the CI/CD process.

Daniel Johanssen

Development Architect, SAP

Daniel is a Development Architect at the SAP HANA Database & Analytics department. He is driving the development, harmonization, and adoption of the department’s shared observability infrastructure. He previously worked on distributed graph database engines and data flow modelling tools. He has an academic background in algorithms and combinatorics.