At Grafana Labs, we believe that users should have the freedom to use the tools they know and love. In this webinar, we’ll talk about taking metrics, logs, and traces from different data sources and visualizing all of it side-by-side in Grafana, where everyone in the organization can view it, interact with it, and correlate it. By using Grafana, you can reduce MTTR and focus your time and energy on the projects that have the most impact on your business: less time firefighting, more time innovating.

Register to learn how to:

  • Using multiple data sources such as Prometheus, Grafana Loki, and Grafana Tempo.
  • How you can weave these three together.
  • Building a true single-pane-of-glass view in to your system.
  • How this can help reduce MTTI/MTTR.
John O'Brien

John O'Brien

Senior Solutions Engineer at Grafana Labs

John is a solutions engineer based in Colorado. He has spent his career in development, DevOps, and solutions engineering, working with companies both large and small. 

He is a lover of the mountains and is currently training for a 20,000-foot peak in Ecuador. He also loves hockey and dogs.