Grafana is known for its “big tent” approach to observability, enabling users to access data wherever it lives in order to build beautiful and compelling dashboards quickly. ClickHouse is known for its extremely high query processing speed and excellent data storage efficiency. The combination of the two means you can ingest, interact with, and understand your data both programmatically and visually.

Join Grafana Labs solutions engineer Andrew Hackman, ClickHouse product manager engineer Dale McDiarmid, and ClickHouse integrations product manager Ryadh Dahimene to learn about the full history of several open source projects (including Grafana) in real time using ClickHouse, running live SQL queries in Grafana and building engaging dashboards to tell the stories behind the repositories.

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Dale McDiarmid

Product Marketing Engineer, ClickHouse

Dale has a passion for learning and experimenting with new technologies. With over 15 years experience in a range of big data companies, he enjoys writing technical content and the challenge of needing to learn something completely new. He contributes to the ClickHouse Go Client and Grafana plugin in his spare time.

Ryadh Dahimene

Integrations Product Manager, ClickHouse

Fascinated by data in all its forms, Ryadh enjoys working closely with users, enabling them to turn massive datasets into actionable insights.

Andrew Hackmann

Software Engineer, Grafana Labs