Your Grafana dashboards are about to get even better. In this webinar, we’ll demo how to build out and elevate your Grafana dashboards through advanced visualization techniques, dynamic interactions, and more. This webinar, which is a companion to our introductory Getting started with Grafana dashboard design webinar, is ideal for dashboard creators looking to level-up their abilities and create more visually appealing, high-performance Grafana dashboards.

During this webinar, you will learn to:

  • Utilize advanced visualization options to effectively represent complex data 
  • Incorporate dynamic and interactive elements for a more adaptable and user-centric dashboard experience  
  • Organize and structure dashboards for improved readability, usability, and information flow 
  • Customize your dashboard’s appearance to align with your organization’s branding and style 
  • Monitor and optimize dashboard performance for faster load times and better user experience

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Tulayb Mahmood

Senior Solutions Engineer, Grafana Labs