Laws for data privacy are complex and rapidly changing. Organizations can struggle to understand their responsibilities, implement the correct privacy strategy, and define which data must be part of it. Log aggregation platforms are considered data stores by regulations such as GDPR or CCPA, and therefore must be included in readiness assessment. During this webinar, we will see how Grafana Loki can help organizations meet these requirements.

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  • Why privacy is important for log data
  • How you can apply simple privacy techniques and security to your logs using Grafana Loki
  • How you can integrate Grafana Loki in your enterprise privacy strategy
Cyril Amsellem

Cyril Amsellem

Lead Solutions Engineer, ANZ at Grafana Labs

Cyril has been working in the software industry as a Solution Engineer for more than a decade. He has collaborated with various organizations but has spent most of his career in the Data Management space and has been directly involved in hundreds of projects across the globe.

Fun facts about Cyril: Newly Australian, but still has the strong French accent. Won’t shut up about his passion for motorcycles.