During this webinar you’ll learn about:

  1. K8s cost auto-de-scaling: how cloud costs can be adjusted as quickly as K8s itself
  2. Prometheus & Otel: Explore the distinctions and advantages of Prometheus and Otel approaches to Kubernetes monitoring
  3. EcoKube: How sustainable infrastructure management benefits everyone
  4. How to set up monitoring for multiple K8s distros with a single solution

Unlocking Kubernetes: slash costs and streamline monitoring, sustainably

Join us for an insightful Grafana Cloud webinar dedicated to advanced Kubernetes monitoring techniques. Learn to effectively manage Kubernetes cost auto-de-scaling by implementing strategic automation and essential guardrails. Explore the distinctive advantages and applications of Prometheus and OТel in Kubernetes environments, extending discussions from our Otel Deep Dive. Gain insights into EcoKube and the benefits of sustainable infrastructure management. Additionally, discover strategies for efficiently monitoring multiple Kubernetes distributions with a unified solution. Enhance your Kubernetes expertise with this focused professional development opportunity.

Additional resources to explore: