Learn how to augment your static alert thresholds with Grafana Machine Learning. Let us determine when your alerts should fire, predict the future state of your system, or identify misbehaving series within a group. Grafana Machine Learning enables previously impossible scenarios for alerting, with minimal effort.

In this webinar you will learn best practices for using some of our new and advanced features, including:

  • Complementing your existing alerts by transcending static thresholds
  • How to account for holidays, such as Black Friday, in order to reduce noise when creating adaptive alerts
  • How to use outlier detection to alert on misbehaving instances within a group; for example, are your load-balanced Kubernetes pods receiving equal traffic?
  • When to choose these advanced features over static thresholds for best results

Additional resources to explore:

Ben Sully

Senior Software Engineer, Grafana Labs

Yasir Ekinci

Senior Software Engineer, Grafana Labs