Atlassian – the company behind Jira, Confluence, and Trello – knows what it means to their 200,000+ customers if their products are not working in an optimal way. Simply put, business slows down.

A centralised observability solution was clearly needed – but that meant figuring out a way to see every bit of their highly disparate tech stack, as well as their many different observability tools. Enter Grafana and Grafana Enterprise. In this session, Paul Brown, Head of Observability at Atlassian, will walk through the company’s observability journey, from the early days, right through to where they are now, and where they are headed, including some lessons learned. Hear about their newly released Grafana-powered platform and what the future looks like for him, his team, and observability at Atlassian as a whole.

Paul Brown

Head of Observability, Atlassian

Paul is head of observability for Atlassian, responsible for the observability of the entire cloud estate, consisting of thousands of microservices across all Atlassian products. With 20 years’ experience in both SaaS and financial services, Paul has managed large-scale platforms and large transformation projects.

He lives by “seek first to understand” and is a huge believer in working smarter, not harder. Paul holds a degree in geophysics from University of Leeds.

Outside of work, Paul lives with his wife and three children in Sydney. He is a fan of all types of cycling, but especially riding down the sides of mountains.