Tracing at Grafana Labs Workshop Interest

Grafana has traditionally offered solutions around two of the three pillars of observability, metrics and logging. With the advent of Tempo, Grafana Enterprise Traces and Grafana Cloud Traces, all three pillars are supported. The Introduction to Tracing at Grafana Labs workshop will take current users of Grafana through traces; what they are, why they’re useful, how to work with them in Grafana and how to instrument code to generate them.

Join our Solutions Engineering team for this free, hands-on, interactive workshop where you will learn the following:

  • Why tracing is required
  • The composition of a trace
  • Working with traces (hands-on)
  • Instrumenting traces (hands-on)
  • Grafana Cloud Traces & Grafana Enterprise Traces
  • Grafana Agent (hands-on)
  • Dashboarding in Grafana (hands-on)
  • Ask Me Anything with Joe Elliott, Principal Engineer at Grafana and the creator of Grafana Tempo

Attendee prerequisite:

  • Little to no familiarity with the core concepts of tracing.
  • Understanding of basic observability concepts, including working with logs and metrics within Grafana.
  • Basic developer or SRE skill set, including the ability to use simple code editors and knowledge of at least one modern high-level computer language.
  • Basic Linux command line skills.

* Workshops are not recorded for on-demand consumption post-event. Live attendance and participation in breakout sessions are required.

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