Resellers Deal Registration

Register Your Deal

Welcome to Grafana Reseller Program. We value Reseller relationships and as such, we want to work with you on selling and closing deals. Let Grafana help you find the right solutions for your customers. Our Reseller Program offers numerous benefits for up to 90 days, including:

  1. Special Pricing- Receive special pricing incentives for bringing net new deals to Grafana

  2. Deal Protection- Upon registration we will only work with you on your net new deal you brought to Grafana 

  3. Renewal Protection- Grafana will work with you on subscription renewals

  4. Selling with Grafana-Leverage our Grafana experts to manage your customer’s business needs

  5. Upsell Opportunities-Grafana is in-use throughout several organizations, providing opportunities to generate expansion deals 

  6. Delivering a world class product- Grafana is used globally and across companies of all sizes. 

*the above criteria applies assuming the deal is not already registered by another reseller or being worked directly by a rep

Let’s get selling today!