Prometheus Workshop Interest


Sign up to receive email updates for our extremely limited-capacity, hands-on Prometheus workshops. Technical experts from Grafana Labs will walk you through building your very own dashboard and you will leave with a working knowledge of deploying Prometheus in your environments. There will also be an AMA session with a Prometheus maintainer. Some areas of focus:

  • Starting a Prometheus server and adding targets to monitor
  • Writing queries in PromQL, Prometheus’ native querying language
  • Prometheus specific features such as pull versus push model and service discovery
  • Understanding Prometheus metrics and its data model
  • Creating alerts with Prometheus
  • Alertmanager and implementing alerting best practices

Attendee Prerequisite(s): Currently using Grafana but somewhat new to the Prometheus journey. Must have familiarity with the concept or have dabbled with Prometheus. This is a mix of easy deployment and PromQL.

This workshop is 2.5 hours and access to Cloud is a must.

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