How a startup found unified observability for its multi-language environment with Grafana Cloud, Loki, and Prometheus

Wednesday, Nov 10, PT, UTC

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The engineering team at Mathison, a diversity-focused talent platform, was looking for an observability solution that would scale with the company as it grew, as well as support both its legacy applications running on EC2 and ECS and those still in development. One major factor: whether the observability technologies being considered had support for both of the languages used in Mathison applications (Python and Elixir). In addition, as a startup without dedicated DevOps engineers, the team needed something that would be easy enough for application engineers to set up and maintain. These requirements led Mathison to Grafana Cloud with Grafana, Loki, and Prometheus. Join Mathison Software Engineer Katty Polyak for a discussion of the decision-making process the team went through and an overview of how the setup went. (Spoiler alert: The Grafana Agent and PromEx library made things pretty simple.)
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