ObservabilityCON 2022 Keynote

November 2 | 9:30 AM ET

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Live from New York, it’s ObservabilityCON! Join CEO/Co-founder Raj Dutt, VP of Technology Tom Wilkie, and members of the Grafana Labs engineering team for a look at the latest developments in the open and composable LGTM (Loki-Grafana-Tempo-Mimir) observability stack. Spoiler alert: There will be some exciting announcements!

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Raj Dutt
Raj Dutt, CEO, Co-Founder at Grafana Labs

While in college, Raj founded Voxel, a cloud and hosting company acquired by Internap in 2012. His two great passions are observability and aviation; he got his private pilot’s license almost 20 years ago and has completed his motorglider rating.

Tom Wilkie
Tom Wilkie, VP, Technology at Grafana Labs

Tom is VP, Technology at Grafana Labs, a member of the Prometheus team, and one of the original authors of the Cortex and Loki projects. In his spare time, he builds 3D printers and makes craft beer.

Myrle Krantz
Myrle Krantz, Senior Engineering Manager at Grafana Labs

Myrle Krantz is Senior Engineering Manager serving the Cloud Frontend at Grafana Labs. She is also a former board member of The Apache Software Foundation and its current Treasurer. An American immigrant to Germany and the mother of two daughters, Myrle loves to jog and hike.

Cyril Tovena
Cyril Tovena, Principal Software Engineer at Grafana Labs

At Grafana Labs, Cyril mainly focuses on Loki, an open source logs aggregation system inspired by Prometheus. He previously worked at Ubisoft, scaling dedicated game servers in the cloud using Kubernetes. Cyril also contributed to Agones creation, an open source project to scale dedicated servers on Kubernetes.

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