Thursday, June 30, 2022

Grafana APAC Virtual Meetup - June 2022


Now on-demand, this is the first Grafana APAC user group virtual meetup that happened live on 30th June 2022! Learn what the community is up to with a GrafanaCONline 2022 recap, get expert tips from Grafana Labs engineers, and listen in on the Q&A from Grafana users in the ask-me-anything.

"GrafanaCONline 2022: A Recap"

Meet-and-greet one of the co-founders of Grafana as he shares key take-aways, and community updates from GrafanaCONline 2022, including Grafana 9!

Anthony Woods
Anthony Woods, Co-Founder, Grafana Labs

Anthony ran Operations for Voxel in Singapore, and has also worked on the tooling that keeps Visa’s payment systems running. Anthony enjoys spending time outdoors with his family in sunny Perth, and having the occasional beer or two.

"It’s SLO Going"

Grafana user, SRE, and host of SlightReliability channel (, Stephen Townshend, will share his thoughts on what the optimal conditions are for adopting SLOs - or whether there are “must-haves” to consider before we can make it work.

Stephen Townshend
Stephen Townshend, Site Reliability Engineer, IAG

"Why Grafana users 💛 plugins"

By default, Grafana comes with an impressive set of different visualizations and data source integrations. But that’s not all! Many more panels and data sources are available as plugins, built by the Grafana community. In this session, you’ll learn about the new in-app plugin catalog and a few nifty plugins to get you started using plugins!

Marcus Olsson
Marcus Olsson, Developer Advocate, Grafana Labs


Time to learn, challenge, and share ideas with all the speakers, and the Grafana APAC Solutions Engineers in this no-holds-barred AMA…Grafana-related, of course!

Grafana Meetup FAQ

How do I attend?

Grafana meetups are hosted via Zoom Meeting. Register with your email using the form above and we’ll send you the join information.

Do I need to have my camera and mic on?

Attendee video cameras will be disabled and microphones will be muted during the presentations which will take place for the first half of each event. Speakers will be taking questions from the Zoom chat. You are welcome to keep your video off during the networking and discussion parts of the meetup if you’d like, but you will need to use your mic or Zoom chat if you want to chat with other attendees in the discussion groups.

Are Grafana Meetups presentations recorded to watch on-demand later?

Only the presentation portion for the event will be recorded and available to view on-demand on the Grafana YouTube channel. We will not be recording the networking activities and discussion room breakouts hosted on Zoom.

Is there a code of conduct?

To help us ensure the safety and well-being of our community, all Grafana Meetups will adhere to the Grafana Labs Event Code of Conduct and we ask that all speakers and attendees review it before attending. Grafana Meetup hosts will be responsible for enforcing the Code of Conduct during the Zoom aspect of the event and have the right to remove attendees from the event who they determine are in violation of it.

How do I speak at a future meetup?

Grafana Meetup speaking slots are 8-15 minutes with an additional 5 for audience Q&A. If you’re interested in speaking at a Grafana Meetup, fill out our speaker application form here.