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How Grafana Cloud offers Veterans United Home Loans engineers observability they don’t have to think about

Veterans United Home Loans is a full-service mortgage lender that helps veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces become homeowners, and their website allows applicants to get pre-approved for loans online. In order to ensure high availability, the team realized they needed a centralized observability platform. This talk will offer an overview of how they went from “Hey, we should be thinking about this” to building a full-stack observability platform around Grafana Cloud that their teams couldn’t live without, and then working toward a goal of “Hey, we shouldn’t have to think about this.”

While Veterans United is still on this journey, Sheldon Jackson, Technical Platform Architect, will discuss how he and his team aim to deliver a white-glove observability experience to their engineers, with minimal effort on their part, so they can focus on the important stuff and have the insights into their applications needed to meet business goals.

  • Sheldon Jackson
    Sheldon Jackson
    Platform Technical Architect at Veterans United Home Loans