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How to set up and visualize synthetic monitoring at scale with Grafana Cloud
Wednesday, Jun 16, ET, UTC Add to calendar
Synthetic monitoring helps you understand your users’ experience and improve website performance by proactively monitoring your services. Grofers Software Development Engineer Yashvardhan Kukreja will explain the concept and terms such as checks and probes, and give an overview of how to use Kubernetes, Grafana Loki, and Grafana Cloud’s synthetic monitoring feature to set up your infrastructure’s checks. Yashvardhan will also create a synthetic monitoring dashboard in Grafana and show how to use it.

GrafanaCONline 2021 Speaker Spotlight: Yashvardhan Kukreja

As a long time user of Grafana technology, Grofers' Yashvardhan Kukreja has seen lots of features added in over time. Now he’s excited to show how you too can take advantage of one of the newest.