Grafana Enterprise, the central square for observability at H-E-B Digital
Tuesday, Jun 8, , UTC
These days, accounts to monitoring tools seem to be handed out like Oprah used to give away cars. You get a monitoring tool! You get a (different) monitoring tool! And you! And you! At H-E-B Digital, teams have organically adopted numerous monitoring tools surely for all of the right reasons (insert earnest head shake). That gives teams flexibility and a solution tailored to their needs, and Grafana Enterprise allows all of us to unite the data flows from those various tools. In doing so, we now have a central square for the company, where data can be intertwined as wanted or simply readily available for brainstorming in a meeting. We can dream of everyone working in lockstep migrating all systems, apps, and devices to use a single, magical monitoring tool. But in reality, Grafana has allowed us to get as close to the elusive “single pane of glass” for data as we possibly ever will be.