Grafana EMEA Virtual Meetup October 2021

Join us virtually for a special Central European Time Grafana meetup! Learn what the community is up to, get expert tips from the Grafana Labs and k6 teams, participate in live Q&A, and get to know other Grafana users. Plus, you’ll have a chance to win some Grafana swag.


5 October 2021 18:30 CEST


  • “Making data accessible with sound” with Kostas Pelelis
  • “Tales of A11y In Grafana OS: Introducing Pa11y CI into our pipeline” with Alexa Vargas
  • “Testing with k6 + Grafana: Better together” with Nicole van der Hoeven
  • “Bootstrapping a multi DC cloud native observability stack” with Bram Vogelaar
  • “Using Thanos to gain a unified way to query over multiple clusters” with Wiard van Rij
  • Networking chats & swag giveaways


“Making data accessible with sound”

We learned from a visually impaired astronomer that it was possible to use sonification to understand astronomical spectra. So we decided to turn time series into audio, and add sound to our alerting systems too.

Presented by:

Kostas Pelelis

Kostas Pelelis, Software Engineer at Grafana Labs

Kostas Pelelis (@QuestasP) is a Software Engineer at Grafana Labs, living in Greece.

“Tales of A11y In Grafana OS: Introducing Pa11y CI into our pipeline”

We want to make Grafana accessible to everyone! In this talk, Alexa will share how Grafana recently introduced Pa11y CI into the Grafana Continuous Integration pipeline. The library supports our developers and contributors to highlight a11y issues. And more importantly, it acts as a gatekeeper, stopping new A11y issues from making it into the project.

You will additionally hear about the alternatives that were considered and their challenges. This talk will have everything!

Presented by:

Alexandra (Alexa) Vargas

Alexandra (Alexa) Vargas, Software Engineer at Grafana Labs

Alexandra - Alexa - Vargas (@axelav) is a Software Engineer at Grafana Labs, living in the Netherlands.

“Testing with k6 + Grafana: Better together”

k6 is one of the newest additions to the Grafana Labs family, but what exactly is it, and what does it have to do with Grafana? In this session, Nicole van der Hoeven will demonstrate how to use k6, how to integrate it with Grafana, and why k6 and Grafana are better together.

Presented by:

Nicole van der Hoeven

Nicole van der Hoeven, Developer Advocate at k6

Nicole van der Hoeven (@n_vanderhoeven) is a Developer Advocate at k6, living in the Netherlands.

“Bootstrapping a multi DC cloud native observability stack”

An introduction to Observability and how to setup a highly available monitoring platform, across multiple data centers. During this talk we investigate how to config a monitoring setup across 2 DCs using Prometheus, Loki, Tempo, Alertmanager and Grafana.

Presented by:

Bram Vogelaar

Bram Vogelaar, DevOps Cloud Engineer at The Factory

Bram Vogelaar (@attachmentgenie) spent the first part of his career as a Molecular Biologist, he then moved on to supporting his peers by building tools and platforms for them with a lot of Open Source technologies. He now works as a DevOps Cloud Engineer at The Factory.

“Using Thanos to gain a unified way to query over multiple clusters”

When using Thanos on top of Prometheus we can leverage this for a unified way in a single data source to query all our data across multiple clusters, servers and Prometheis.
Presented by:

Wiard van Rij

Wiard van Rij, Engineer at Fullstaq

Wiard van Rij is an Engineer at Fullstaq helping people, teams, and organizations with various cloud-native challenges with a strong focus on Kubernetes and Observability. Wiard is a Thanos team member, open source enthusiast and has extra fun with security and hacking.

Grafana Meetup FAQ

How do I attend?

Grafana meetups are hosted via Zoom Meeting. Register with your email using the form above and we’ll send you the join information.

Do I need to have my camera and mic on?

Attendee video cameras will be disabled and microphones will be muted during the presentations which will take place for the first half of each event. Speakers will be taking questions from the Zoom chat. You are welcome to keep your video off during the networking and discussion parts of the meetup if you’d like, but you will need to use your mic or Zoom chat if you want to chat with other attendees in the discussion groups.

Are Grafana Meetups presentations recorded to watch on-demand later?

Only the presentation portion for the event will be recorded and available to view on-demand on the Grafana YouTube channel. We will not be recording the networking activities and discussion room breakouts hosted on Zoom.

Is there a code of conduct?

To help us ensure the safety and well-being of our community, all Grafana Meetups will adhere to the Grafana Labs Event Code of Conduct and we ask that all speakers and attendees review it before attending. Grafana Meetup hosts will be responsible for enforcing the Code of Conduct during the Zoom aspect of the event and have the right to remove attendees from the event who they determine are in violation of it.

How do I speak at a future meetup?

Grafana Meetup speaking slots are 8-15 minutes with an additional 5 for audience Q&A. If you’re interested in speaking at a Grafana Meetup, fill out our speaker application form here.

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