Grafana EMEA Virtual Meetup December 2021

Join us virtually for a special Central European Time Grafana meetup! Learn what the community is up to, get expert tips from the Grafana Labs and k6 teams, participate in live Q&A, and get to know other Grafana users. Plus, you’ll have a chance to win some Grafana swag.


8 December 2021 18:30 CET


  • “Look mum, no wires! Monitoring houseplants on Grafana Cloud" with Gio Ricci
  • “Monitoring microservices on AWS” with Sara Gerion
  • “Writing (load) tests with GitHub Copilot” with Yusuf Tayman
  • “Observability with Prometheus and beyond: Leveraging cloud-native technologies outside of cloud” with Richard Hartmann
  • Networking chats & swag giveaways


“Look mum, no wires! Monitoring houseplants on Grafana Cloud"

Monitoring your plants doesn’t need to come with a lot of wires or cost a lot of money. We’ll use the free Grafana Cloud plan to set up a monitoring system for our plants and learn (a bit) how Bluetooth Low Energy works.

Presented by:

Giordano Ricci

Giordano Ricci, Software Engineer at Grafana Labs

Giordano Ricci (@Elfo404) is a Software Engineer at Grafana Labs.

“Monitoring microservices on AWS”

The ability to easily understand how your system is behaving and quickly identify the root cause of a downtime is an important aspect to take into account when building and monitoring microservices in the cloud. In this session I will show some examples of which kind of information and data points can be utilised and displayed in your Amazon Managed Grafana dashboards to better assess the health of your microservice.

Presented by:

Sara Gerion

Sara Gerion, Senior Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services

Sara Gerion (@sarutule) is a Senior Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS), with a background in backend and cloud development. She is passionate about scalability, observability, and resilience in the cloud.

“Writing (load) tests with GitHub Copilot”

GitHub Copilot can suggest whole lines of code or entire functions right inside your editor. Trained on billions of lines of public code, GitHub Copilot puts the knowledge you need at your fingertips, saving you time. The technical preview works especially well for the more commonly used frameworks, like JavaScript - which is what you use to write scenarios in k6. Let’s try and script our load tests with this “AI programmer”.

Presented by:

Yusuf Tayman

Yusuf Tayman (@yusuftayman), Senior Software QA Engineer at OpenPayd

“Observability with Prometheus and beyond: Leveraging cloud-native technologies outside of cloud”

Cloud-native, observability, etc have become buzzwords. We will look at the kernels of truth of those buzzwords, why their underlying concepts are useful, all the relevant concepts and a good default set of tools, and how to apply all of this in cloud and more traditional environments alike. This talk is a 101 talk designed for new communities.

Presented by:

Richard Hartmann

Richard Hartmann (@TwitchiH), Director of Community at Grafana Labs, Prometheus team member, OpenMetrics founder, CNCF TAG Observability chair, and other things.

Grafana Meetup FAQ

How do I attend?

Grafana meetups are hosted via Zoom Meeting. Register with your email using the form above and we’ll send you the join information.

Do I need to have my camera and mic on?

Attendee video cameras will be disabled and microphones will be muted during the presentations which will take place for the first half of each event. Speakers will be taking questions from the Zoom chat. You are welcome to keep your video off during the networking and discussion parts of the meetup if you’d like, but you will need to use your mic or Zoom chat if you want to chat with other attendees in the discussion groups.

Are Grafana Meetups presentations recorded to watch on-demand later?

Only the presentation portion for the event will be recorded and available to view on-demand on the Grafana YouTube channel. We will not be recording the networking activities and discussion room breakouts hosted on Zoom.

Is there a code of conduct?

To help us ensure the safety and well-being of our community, all Grafana Meetups will adhere to the Grafana Labs Event Code of Conduct and we ask that all speakers and attendees review it before attending. Grafana Meetup hosts will be responsible for enforcing the Code of Conduct during the Zoom aspect of the event and have the right to remove attendees from the event who they determine are in violation of it.

How do I speak at a future meetup?

Grafana Meetup speaking slots are 8-15 minutes with an additional 5 for audience Q&A. If you’re interested in speaking at a Grafana Meetup, fill out our speaker application form here.

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