How Pipedrive switched its entire observability stack to OpenTelemetry and LGTM

The cloud-based CRM company Pipedrive has been relentlessly modernising its observability stack, first adopting Grafana visualisation and Grafana Mimir for Prometheus metrics, then recently completed a migration of its distributed tracing from a third-party SaaS provider to OpenTelemetry and Grafana Tempo, and its logging stack from Graylog to Grafana Loki. Along the way, the team developed its own in-house library to include OpenTelemetry in its roughly 750 microservices. Join Observability Platform Team Lead Karl-Martin Karlson as he shares Pipedrive’s journey migrating to the LGTM Stack in an infrastructure spanning 8 data centres, 5 physical locations, and over 20k Kubernetes pods.


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