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ObservabilityCON is our biggest annual event for observability professionals to learn technical tips and tricks, winning observability strategies, and deep dives into all the newest features from Grafana Labs.

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Opening keynote
Hear about the latest developments to the Grafana LGTM Stack that make it easier and faster than ever to understand your observability data: the new Prometheus- and OpenTelemetry-based Application Observability solution in Grafana Cloud; Grafana Beyla OSS for eBPF-based auto-instrumentation; the acquisition to make it easier to explore your telemetry and derive new insights for more efficient root cause analysis in Grafana Cloud; cost-management and AI/ML features; and more.
Speaker - Raj Dutt
Speaker - Tom Wilkie
Speaker - Myrle Krantz
Speaker - Marc Chipouras
  • Raj Dutt, CEO, Co-Founder, Grafana Labs
  • Tom Wilkie, Chief Technology Officer, Grafana Labs
  • Myrle Krantz, Engineering Director, Grafana Labs
  • Marc Chipouras, Senior Director of Engineering, Grafana Labs
With OpenTelemetry, ComplyAdvantage overhauled its observability (twice)
ComplyAdvantage, which provides compliance and risk management tools, has overhauled its observability platform twice in two years, first moving from on-prem Grafana OSS to Datadog, and then migrating from Datadog to Grafana Cloud. Join Principal SRE Adam Wilson to hear how his team’s approach to observability evolved, and how their increased OTel usage made it possible to migrate twice — and to get the most out of Grafana Cloud for metrics, logs, traces, Kubernetes monitoring, and more.
Speaker - Adam Wilson
  • Adam Wilson, Principal SRE, ComplyAdvantage
Unify your application and infrastructure observability
In cloud native environments, finding and resolving issues across services and between application and infrastructure dependencies can be challenging. In this session, learn about Grafana Cloud’s latest capabilities for correlating application and infrastructure observability. You will hear how we unify and contextualize service relationships and application and infrastructure dependencies to help you resolve problems faster.
Speaker - Myrle Krantz
Speaker - Bogdan Matei
  • Myrle Krantz, Engineering Director, Grafana Labs
  • Bogdan Matei, Senior Software Engineer, Grafana Labs
How Maersk is navigating the seas of observability with the LGTM Stack
Maersk, a global leader in shipping and logistics, is forging its path to enhanced observability. To streamline operations and empower developers to take the helm in observability, Maersk embarked on a journey to consolidate tools into a centralised platform. Join Director of Platform Engineering Roshith Radhakrishnan and Senior Engineering Manager for Observability Platforms Henry Kühl as they unveil how Maersk revolutionised its observability using the LGTM Stack – featuring Loki for logs, Grafana for visualisation, Tempo for traces, and Mimir for metrics – complemented by Grafana Faro for real user monitoring (RUM).
Speaker - Roshith Radhakrishnan
Speaker - Henry Kühl
  • Roshith Radhakrishnan, Director of Platform Engineering, Maersk
  • Henry Kühl, Senior Engineering Manager for Observability Platforms, Maersk
Manage rising metrics and logging costs with Grafana Cloud
Are your SRE and platform teams under pressure to ingest fewer metrics and logs in the name of cost savings? Reducing costs does not have to mean reduced observability. In this session, we will walk through the cost management features in Grafana Cloud that allow you to analyze, attribute, monitor, and optimize your metrics and logs usage – and lower costs – without compromising your observability strategy.
Speaker - Jen Villa
Speaker - Mauro Stettler
  • Jen Villa, Director of Product, Grafana Labs
  • Mauro Stettler, Senior Software Engineer, Grafana Labs
Panel: What we've learned building observability at massive scale
Join us for an in-depth conversation with a panel of observability leaders from Sky, Just Eat, and BlackRock. They’ll share stories about their organizations’ observability journeys, their perspectives on scaling observability across an enterprise, and their opinions on the current trends in the space.
Speaker - Robert Kießling
Speaker - Alex Murray
Speaker - Olin Gay
Speaker - Wayne Jin
  • Robert Kießling, Director of Observability & Automation, Sky
  • Alex Murray, Senior Technology Manager, Just Eat
  • Olin Gay, Director - Head of Observability, BlackRock
  • Wayne Jin, VP, Product Marketing, Grafana Labs
Building scalable OSS observability with Mimir, Loki, Tempo, and Pyroscope
Get the latest news about the scalability and performance of the open source telemetry backends that make up the Grafana LGTM Stack: Grafana Mimir for Prometheus metrics, Grafana Loki for logs, and Grafana Tempo for traces. Learn about our newest OSS database, Grafana Pyroscope for continuous profiling, which provides insights into resource usage and latency down to the code level. Finally, find out how to correlate profiles with metrics, logs, and traces for a more holistic view of system health and performance.
Speaker - Ryan Perry
Speaker - Mario Rodriguez
Speaker - Ed Welch
Speaker - Vlad Diachenko
  • Ryan Perry, Principal Product Manager, Grafana Labs
  • Mario Rodriguez, Senior Software Engineer, Grafana Labs
  • Ed Welch, Principal Software Engineer, Grafana Labs
  • Vlad Diachenko, Software Engineer, Grafana Labs
Actian & Grafana Cloud: The search for a customizable observability tool
Over the past few years, Actian has shifted from offering a solely on-premises data integration, management, and analytics product to supporting hybrid and multi-cloud environments as well. To keep up, the team needed a customisable observability tool, and found it in Grafana Cloud. Lead Cloud Operations Engineer Suleyman Kutlu will share his team’s journey, starting with metrics and logs, and venturing into load testing, frontend observability, IRM, and more.
Speaker - Suleyman Kutlu
  • Suleyman Kutlu, Lead Cloud Operations Engineer , Actian
Prioritize critical resources with SLO-driven IRM
A majority of respondents in our Observability Survey said they were using SLOs or moving in that direction. For good reason: By highlighting the most critical error budget burndown, service level objectives (SLOs) can help you prioritize performance issues based on business impact. In this session, we will walk through how Grafana Cloud’s integrated SLO and Incident Response Management capabilities can help you identify the most important issues and resolve them quickly.
Speaker - Josh Abreu Mesa
Speaker - Reem Tariq
  • Josh Abreu Mesa, Principal Software Engineer I, Grafana Labs
  • Reem Tariq, Senior Software Engineer, Grafana Labs
How the LGTM Stack changed the observability culture at Wise Payments
The observability team at Wise Payments – Europe’s leader in cross-border money transfers – had long provided the company’s developers access to a multitude of tools. But as costs and complexity increased, Ibukun Itimi, Engineering Lead for Observability and Andrew Brown, Reliability Squad Lead, saw an opportunity to change not only the tools they were using, but also the observability culture. In this session, Ibukun and Andrew will highlight how the Grafana LGTM Stack is empowering their team to become more product-focused and shift from being external tool wranglers to providing in-house observability expertise.
Speaker - Ibukun Itimi
Speaker - Andrew Brown
  • Ibukun Itimi, Observability Engineering Lead, Wise
  • Andrew Brown, Reliability Squad Lead, Wise
AI/ML + open source observability
At Grafana Labs, we’re excited about the role AI/ML can have in bridging the gap between humans and the beyond-human scale of observability data we work with every day. In this session, you’ll learn about the features leveraging AI/ML that we’ve already released, what’s next, and what the future could hold. We’ll also talk about our big tent, open source approach to enabling the community to use AI/ML to power up the data sources, visualizations, and flows that you build into Grafana everywhere.
Speaker - Yasir Ekinci
Speaker - Ben Sully
  • Yasir Ekinci, Senior Software Engineer, Grafana Labs
  • Ben Sully, Senior Software Engineer, Grafana Labs
How Pipedrive switched its entire observability stack to OpenTelemetry and LGTM
The cloud-based CRM company Pipedrive has been relentlessly modernising its observability stack, first adopting Grafana visualisation and Grafana Mimir for Prometheus metrics, then recently completed a migration of its distributed tracing from a third-party SaaS provider to OpenTelemetry and Grafana Tempo, and its logging stack from Graylog to Grafana Loki. Along the way, the team developed its own in-house library to include OpenTelemetry in its roughly 750 microservices. Join Observability Platform Team Lead Karl-Martin Karlson as he shares Pipedrive’s journey migrating to the LGTM Stack in an infrastructure spanning 8 data centres, 5 physical locations, and over 20k Kubernetes pods.
Speaker - Karl-Martin Karlson
  • Karl-Martin Karlson, Observability Platform Team Lead, Pipedrive
User-centered observability: load testing, real user monitoring, and synthetics
Understanding your end users’ experience with your applications and services is critical, and there are a variety of tools to help. But there are also a number of different use cases: During development or in production? Simulate user behavior or monitor real user behavior? What should you use and when? In this session, we will explore when and how to apply load testing, synthetic monitoring, and real user monitoring to gain insights into the end user experience of your critical applications.
Speaker - Mark Meier
Speaker - Elliot Kirk
  • Mark Meier, Senior Product Manager, Grafana Labs
  • Elliot Kirk, Senior Software Engineer, Grafana Labs

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