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Monitoring on steroids: How JPMorgan Chase uses Grafana for their trading platform to spot issues quickly and proactively

The concept: Use trade volumes, synthetic transactions, and proprietary alerting mechanisms derived from SRE precepts to monitor JPMorgan Chase’s technical landscape. Using Grafana, the JPMC team built a comprehensive tool that records trends and highlights issues proactively in real time. Support teams can now track the root cause in minutes, compared to historical cases where the same issue took hours to detect. The team uses AIOps to generate dynamic thresholds that can vary with such factors as time of day, week, or month, and can take into account historic trends to adapt over time. Critical revenue-impacting issues are remediated in a timely manner, and downtime is minimized. In this session, Askari Imam and Crystal Sorensen will give a technical overview of the tool and share how JPMC incorporates error budgets to help users understand why certain issues arise and how they correlate to types of errors – and enable leadership to address those issues in a data-driven way.