MinecraftNOC is the coolest way to visualize your network metrics with OpenNMS and Grafana. Build a virtual NOC war room any style you can imagine, decorate with real-time graphs and text metrics to bring real network visualizations in, then gather your ops team around the table and get to work. **Practicality may vary. The most commonly reported side effects include hilarity, lack of sleep, creeper explosions, and injuries from thrown tridents. Ask your vendor if MinecraftNOC is right for you.


Zoë Knox
Zoë Knox

VP of Engineering
The OpenNMS Group

Zoë Knox is Vice President of Engineering at The OpenNMS Group, responsible for the development, testing, and delivery of OpenNMS: the scalable, extensible, and reliable open source enterprise network management platform. She has always been fascinated by computers and how to use technology to connect people, spread crucial information, amplify voices, and improve lives. Outside of work, Zoë can usually be found cooking, cleaning, playing Minecraft, writing operating systems for fun, and befriending random squirrels in the forest. She lives in Ottawa, Canada, with her family and too many pets.