Ensuring your dashboards provide all the insights you need can be hard if you don’t know what you’re looking at or where you should be looking … especially when you’ve been paged for an incident at 4 o’clock on a Saturday morning. So how can you ensure your monitoring and observability tools show you the right data? Are those even the right dashboards?

Chaos Engineering is the process of injecting failure in a controlled way to build more reliable systems, and it also helps improve our monitoring. In this session, Jacob Plicque will discuss the fundamentals of Chaos Engineering and how companies have used it to gain confidence in how their systems work. Then he’ll showcase troubleshooting scenarios, discuss how you can improve your own dashboards, and show some of the new features of the latest Grafana release.

You will learn how, through building out hypotheses of how your systems work and validating them, you can build better, more robust, hardened platforms that stand up under even the harshest of conditions or most high-traffic scenarios.


Jacob Plicque
Jacob Plicque

Senior Solutions Architect

Jacob is a Senior Solutions Architect at Gremlin, where he works on Chaos Engineering. Jacob has worked on Chaos Engineering across a variety of verticals including finance, e-commerce, airlines, retail, and insurance. Jacob previously worked as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Fanatics, where he was responsible for providing a reliable e-commerce experience to process over 1,100 orders a minute on peak days such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday.