In the era of microservices, rapid deployments and ambitious SLOs, monitoring can not be an option. In this talk we’ll explore how to make monitoring an integral part of your application code bases. We’ll also dig into why monitoring is as important as having test cases or documentation in addition to how you can templatize it and create standards for metrics across the org while making it a part of code reviews, CI/CD and any other standard code practice. Finally, we’ll show you how the internal tool we built at Grofers with Loki, Prometheus, and Grafana enables us to do all these things and share our process for operational reviews.


Vaibhav Krishna
Vaibhav Krishna

Infrastructure Engineer

I started my career in a cloud-first world. After working on various cloud infrastructure projects at different scales, I’m now part of the resiliency projects at Grofers, where we’re setting some serious standards while trying to automate the heck out of it.