With many siloed monitoring tools, Dell’s observability footprint was too spread out and too complex to easily diagnose and fix issues before they started affecting the company’s 13k engineers. Join Brian Murphy, Staff Site Reliability Engineer on the TechOps 2.0 team at Dell, as he walks through how he and the team brought on Grafana Cloud and the LGTM stack to bring their data together in order to create smart, expressive alerts, and centralized dashboards. Learn how a tight renewal contract with their previous vendor begat that successful roll out of Grafana Cloud and how they’ve deployed many of the built-in features (including Adaptive Metrics) along the way.

Brian Murphy

Staff SRE, Dell

Brian Murphy is a Staff Site Reliability Engineer working for Dell Technologies, Inc. For the last 8 years, he has focused on his SRE journey, doing every job from solo SRE to building and managing SRE teams to architecting and delivering cross organization SRE-centered projects. Brian is passionate about SRE culture and sharing his knowledge with others. His attitude and energy center on positive cultural change. He will happily discuss all of this with you over an oat milk flat white.