At Grafana Labs, we’re excited about the role AI/ML can have in bridging the gap between humans and the beyond-human scale of observability data we work with every day. In this session, you’ll learn about the features leveraging AI/ML that we’ve already released, what’s next, and what the future could hold. We’ll also talk about our big tent, open source approach to enabling the community to use AI/ML to power up the data sources, visualizations, and flows that you build into Grafana everywhere.

Chris Marchbanks

Senior Software Engineer, Grafana Labs

Chris is a Senior Software Engineer at Grafana Labs on the Machine Learning team, and a maintainer of Prometheus. Outside of work, Chris can be found backcountry skiing and climbing in the mountains of Colorado.

Marc Chipouras

Senior Director of Engineering, Grafana Labs

Marc has been working in the observability space for the past decade. He enables engineering teams to understand dynamic distributed systems as they build and operate them. At Grafana Labs, he helps create products for customers to detect, respond, and learn from their chaotic systems.