Obirdability: Building an observability system for bird songs

Scientists believe the total number of bird species in the world to be close to 18,000, with conservative estimates of a total bird population exceeding 50 billion. Most of these birds communicate with each other through their enchanting bird calls, which people around the world enjoy listening to. In this talk, Software Engineers Sven Großmann and Ivana Huckova will share how to use open source observability technologies such as Prometheus, Loki, and Grafana to build an observability solution to monitor birds and to learn more about their songs and various factors that influence them, such as weather, pollution, and seasonality. While the primary focus of this talk is on constructing a bird observability system, the concepts and techniques discussed are applicable across diverse domains beyond the animal kingdom. You will leave this session with an understanding of the importance of observability, selecting the right metrics to monitor, and experience the power of visualizing data and alerting. Last but certainly not least, we will contemplate the ultimate task: Can we take action to make the world a place with more bird songs?