Where DevOps meets QA: An observability and synthetic testing success story

Goal: to monitor transactions and proactively test uptime. At GWI, the DevOps team was passionate about their Grafana dashboards, while the QA team was occupied with their k6 performance testing suite. But functional testing is not something that can inform users of the uptime of their applications in a timely manner, so there was a gap in GWI’s efforts related to observability and testing. In this talk, Dionysis Tsoumas and Ioannis Papadakis will discuss how the two teams decided to collaborate on a pet project that would enable them to achieve synthetic monitoring. By leveraging k6 and the Grafana LGTM Stack (Loki, Grafana, Tempo, and Mimir) and alerting engineering teams on uptime issues on the applications through an advanced Prometheus alerting mechanism, the QA and DevOps teams for the first time were able to review challenges and techniques between two similar but separate domains. Result: end-to-end user flows executing constantly and monitoring web performance to proactively alert engineering teams for potential incidents.