Introducing Grafana Alloy, a distribution of the OTel Collector

Say hello to Grafana Alloy! Grafana Labs’ distribution of the OpenTelemetry Collector brings together the very best of OTel and Prometheus to offer a truly optimized hybrid experience, especially when paired with Grafana Cloud. Grafana Alloy uses components to build observability pipelines for telemetry collection, processing, and delivery. In this session, Senior Software Engineers Matt Durham and Paschalis Tsilias will dive into the core concepts around Alloy and its configuration language, explore its new debugging capabilities, and show how to migrate to Grafana Alloy. They will also discuss Grafana Alloy’s position in the OpenTelemetry landscape, its role as a collector, and how you can use it to collect OTel signals in parallel with your existing infrastructure. You will learn how to build OTel-native and hybrid pipelines using the supported OTel components.