How we built a complex SLO app tightly integrated with Grafana

One of our newest solutions in Grafana Cloud is an app that helps users create good SLOs and incorporate them into their DevOps practice. We have a great UI that helps with the writing process, and an API that supports as-code workflows. The app automatically manages dashboards, recording SLI data, and alerting on it. As we add new features, we automatically upgrade dashboards and alerts with these improvements. When users change their SLOs, we react to that, too.

With that list of requirements, it may seem daunting to build and deploy a complex app that’s also tightly integrated with Grafana. In this session, Principal Software Engineer Joe Blubaugh will share best practices, from how the SLO App was architected following the Operator/Reconciler pattern, inspired by Kubernetes’ approach to object management, and the advantages of building a Grafana app in this way.