Observing smart robots with OpenTelemetry and the LGTM Stack

AIVA Robotic System, developed by YSoft Corporation, is a robotics-based solution for remote control, automation, and testing of devices such as infotainment systems, mobile phones and tablets, printers, and industrial appliances. In this session, YSoft Software Engineer Tomáš Grbálik will describe how the team used OpenTelemetry and the Grafana LGTM Stack (Loki, Grafana, Tempo, and Mimir) to gain visibility into every part of the deployment, from the cloud-based services running in a Kubernetes cluster, to the Linux-based edge devices powering the camera streaming, all the way down to the robot’s firmware. You’ll also learn how the team correlates all the metrics, logs, and traces from the cloud with the telemetry from the edge to solve real-world problems and improve support for AIVA.