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How to build dynamic, customizable dashboards with Grafana Scenes

Join Grafana Labs engineers Bogdan Matei and Dominik Prokop as they demonstrate how the new Grafana feature, Scenes, transformed how they built the Grafana Cloud Application Observability app. The app started as a regular Grafana plugin that provided a couple of custom-built dashboards and panels dedicated for user applications, but Grafana Scenes took it to the next level, allowing the team to build a dashboard experience with greater flexibility and control.

During this session, you will learn how Scenes made implementing their app easy – and how it can help you streamline the dashboard-like apps creation process and focus more on the data you want to visualize.

  • Bogdan Matei
    Bogdan Matei
    Senior Software Engineer at Grafana Labs
  • Dominik Prokop
    Dominik Prokop
    Senior Software Engineer at Grafana Labs

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