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A beginner’s guide to hacking electronics to display Grafana dashboards

While working from home during quarantine, the Wix.com team launched a new service. It was important for Infrastructure Team Lead Yonatan Mevorach to keep tabs on its metrics, but he didn’t have a second monitor just for displaying Grafana dashboards like they do in the office. But then Yonatan had a “Eureka!” moment. He decided to transform the mini arcade machine that was collecting dust on his desk into a Grafana monitor. Only one problem though: He knew nothing about electronics, soldering, or tinkering with hardware in general. But Yonatan didn’t let that stop him!

In this talk, Yonatan will showcase this wacky project and explain how lowly software engineers can become mighty hardware hackers. He’ll cover:

  • How to reverse-engineer the functionality of existing devices
  • How to give them “Raspberry-pi brains”
  • How to use the Grafana API to render graphs to the screen’s display-driver
  • How to solder everything together
  • Yonatan Mevorach
    Yonatan Mevorach
    Infrastructure Team Lead at Wix.com