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How Optum uses Grafana Enterprise for a top-to-bottom view of its healthcare website

Monitoring projects often work from the bottom up (infrastructure to page). The portal monitoring team at Optum is using Grafana Enterprise and a variety of data source plugins (Datadog, New Relic, Elasticsearch, ServiceNow, Splunk, and more) for a project that looks at the website starting with the user experience (page level) and going down to the infrastructure. In using this approach, they are working to tie the user experience to user satisfaction. By driving a better user experience, they are driving better net promoter scores (NPS), which have been shown to improve company market and financial performance. In this session, Mark Smith, Team Lead for the Portal Monitoring team, will talk about their project and how, by tying the technical capabilities to business success, he and his team are driving smarter technology investments and in turn justifying technology expenditures where they provide the greatest value to the company.
  • Mark G. Smith
    Mark G. Smith
    Team Lead, Portal Monitoring at Optum Digital