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Monitoring battery-operated NB-IoT sensors with Grafana and Grafana Loki

IoT is one of the key enablers for transforming organizations and society. IoT applications range from the digitization of traditional industries to the sensing layer of smart cities. Fuelics designs, manufactures, deploys, and operates installations of battery-operated, narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) sensors at metropolitan scale. Grafana and Grafana Loki help them gain insights in their sensor networks, providing information about the performance measurements as well as their health and network status. In this presentation, Fuelics’ Ioannis Nikolaou and Marios Klavdianos will demonstrate how they use Loki-powered Grafana dashboards to monitor ultrasound level sensors used for diesel tank monitoring.

They will cover:

- The basics of a battery-operated, ultrasound NB-IoT sensor

- How data is transmitted from the edge to the cloud

- How Loki pipelines are used to retrieve the needed information

- The Grafana dashboards that tie everything together.

  • Marios Klavdianos
    Marios Klavdianos
    Operations Engineer at Fuelics
  • Ioannis Nikolaou
    Ioannis Nikolaou
    Partner, Head of Cloud & Platforms at Fuelics