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On Medallia’s journey to centralized observability, Grafana dashboards united it all

Companies around the world rely on Medallia’s experience management platform. To ensure high availability and performance of the platform, the performance and observability team needed to provide a centralized, bread-and-butter solution that would work across Medallia’s organization, which uses a variety of programming languages and operating infrastructures (VMs, Kubernetes, public clouds, and more). In this session, members of Medallia’s performance and observability team will discuss why they chose Grafana as the unifying tool for observability — paired with Prometheus metrics, Grafana Loki logs, and Jaeger traces — and the results they continue to see as the platform keeps up with the company’s accelerated pace of acquisitions, customer growth, and innovation.
  • David Howard
    David Howard
    Senior Staff Software Engineer at Medallia
  • Vic Thomas
    Vic Thomas
    Principal Software Engineer at Medallia
  • Anugrah Vijay
    Anugrah Vijay
    Senior Software Engineer at Medallia