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Grafana Labs hackathon showcase: Doomfana, real-time drone tracking, and a panel plugin for geospatially aware data

Over the past year, Grafana Labs has held regular company-wide hackathons: a week for Grafanistas to unlock their creativity and think outside the box (but often within a panel). During the hackathons, Grafanistas from all over the org joined forces to invent, build, and solve challenging technical problems related to our products, community, and business. In this session, three teams will share demos of their fantastic hackathon projects:

  • Can Grafana run Doom? You bet!
  • Real-time drone tracking and management, leveraging Grafana Live
  • Panel plugin for enriched, geospatially aware data
  • Stephanie Closson
    Stephanie Closson
    Solutions Engineer at Grafana Labs
  • Tabor Henderson
    Tabor Henderson
    Software Engineer at Grafana Labs
  • David Kim
    David Kim
    Software Engineer at Grafana Labs
  • Nathan Marrs
    Nathan Marrs
    Tech Lead at Grafana Labs
  • Bogdan Matei
    Bogdan Matei
    Senior Software Engineer at Grafana Labs
  • Kostas Pelelis
    Kostas Pelelis
    Software Engineer at Grafana Labs