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Beyond tracing with Grafana Tempo: What do we do with all this data?

From the beginning, Grafana Tempo established itself as a high-volume, low-cost tracing store. However, it was limited in that it could only retrieve traces by ID. Traces are inherently rich with data about the state of applications that Tempo largely ignored. Today this changes!

Come to this session to see a demonstration of a stack of new OSS Tempo features that dig deep into the data and give us insights into our applications that are only achievable via distributed tracing. Expect announcements and demos on:

  • Metrics derived from traces to build service graphs and drive new Grafana visualizations
  • Deep dive into upcoming columnar formats using Apache Parquet that will enable rich trace analysis using Tempo and other tooling
  • A new query language to search and derive metrics from traces
  • Annanay Agarwal
    Annanay Agarwal
    Software Engineer at Grafana Labs
  • Marty Disibio
    Marty Disibio
    Senior Software Engineer at Grafana Labs
  • Joe Elliott
    Joe Elliott
    Principal Software Engineer at Grafana Labs
  • Koenraad Verheyden
    Koenraad Verheyden
    Software Engineer at Grafana Labs