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For billion-series scale or home IoT projects, get started in minutes with Grafana Mimir

In March, Grafana Labs announced Grafana Mimir, a new open source distributed time series database capable of hitting billion-series scale. But Mimir isn’t just for those with thousands of machines and massive observability needs! Mimir can natively ingest Prometheus metrics, with more formats coming soon, including Influx for your IoT use cases.

Come to this session to learn from the project’s maintainers how easy it is to get started with Mimir, no matter how many or few time series you need to store. They’ll share best practices, tips and tricks, and pull back the covers on the months of work that went into streamlining the experience of operating Mimir.

  • Marco Pracucci
    Marco Pracucci
    Principal Engineer at Grafana Labs
  • Peter Štibraný
    Peter Štibraný
    Senior Software Engineer at Grafana Labs