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Grafana Loki: The road to higher scales and lower latencies for logs

Four years into Grafana Loki, the project launched as “like Prometheus, but for logs” is growing up fast!

In this session, Loki maintainers Owen Diehl and Cyril Tovena will highlight key developments in Loki’s recent growth spurt:

  • A new storage layer based on Prometheus’ TSDB that will 100X the volume of logs Loki can handle
  • A new storage schema that significantly improves Loki’s performance when run on AWS
  • Updates to Loki’s simple-scalable-deployment mode, the easy-button for operating Loki
  • New ways and sources for sending logs to Loki

They’ll wrap up with some tips on how to sharpen your LogQL skills to get the best possible query performance out of Loki.

  • Owen Diehl
    Owen Diehl
    Principal Software Engineer at Grafana Labs
  • Cyril Tovena
    Cyril Tovena
    Principal Software Engineer at Grafana Labs