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Live-monitoring stocks and crypto with Grafana Cloud

Grafana is the de facto standard for time-series visualization and observability, but it’s also increasingly being used outside of the IT domain. During a recent company-wide hackathon, a team of Grafana Labs engineers decided to take on a use case that has a massive amount of time series data, where folks like to stare at time-series graphs all day (ideally up and to the right), and where up-to-date information (live data!) is critical: stocks and crypto trading by institutional and retail traders. In this session, the team will demo the live stock/crypto monitoring platform they built, combining the power of Loki, Mimir, and Grafana via Grafana Cloud.
  • Ward Bekker
    Ward Bekker
    Senior Principal Solutions Engineer at Grafana Labs
  • Willie Engelbrecht
    Willie Engelbrecht
    Senior Solutions Engineer at Grafana Labs
  • Leon Sorokin
    Leon Sorokin
    Senior Software Engineer at Grafana Labs