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Alerting in Grafana 9: What’s new and improved

Grafana’s unified alerting offers some of the most powerful alerting capabilities available. A single, consistent alerting rule can generate multiple notifications, powered by Prometheus’s multi-dimensional, label-based data model.

Last June, with Grafana 8, we introduced Prometheus-style alerting in Grafana Cloud, with a simple UI embedded right in your Grafana instance to manage alerts. Since then, we have been expanding the ability to create alerts (Terraform, API, etc.) to make it easier to have alerts with multiple contact points and multiple data sources.

In this session, the Grafana team will showcase some of the major improvements we’ve made to unified alerting for Grafana 9.

  • Gilles De Mey
    Gilles De Mey
    Senior Software Engineer at Grafana Labs
  • Farhan Manjiyani
    Farhan Manjiyani
    Product Marketing Manager at Grafana Labs