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Follow your star and improve your astrophotography with Grafana Cloud

Even for hobbyists, astrophotography requires fancy and expensive gear, mounts, and cameras. In order to gather really good photos, you need a very stable and accurate mount. You also need a guide camera that tracks the movement of a star and sends corrective pulses to your mount to accurately follow this star. This process of tracking and sending guiding pulses creates a ton of metric data – data that can be stored in Grafana Cloud and visualized. In this session, Senior Solutions Engineer Willie Engelbrecht will show examples of what happens when guiding goes wrong (photos of blurry stars, star trailing), some failed (but still cool) images of galaxies, and the money shots when Grafana helped improve his astrophotography.
  • Willie Engelbrecht
    Willie Engelbrecht
    Senior Solutions Engineer at Grafana Labs