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Formula 1 telemetry analysis with Microsoft Azure Data Explorer (ADX) and Grafana

Azure Data Explorer (ADX) is a time series, interactive analytics platform supporting near-real-time streaming. Grafana’s advanced observational dashboard capabilities, combined with ADX’s powerful analytics engine, makes it easier to make sense of the telemetry data. Every F1 car contains 300 sensors that generate 1.1 million telemetry data points per second and transmit them from the cars to the pits – and there are 20 cars running on a circuit at any given point. During every race weekend, 160 terabytes of data are generated. This talk will discuss how to build a F1 telemetry analysis solution with ADX and Grafana Cloud. Senior Product Manager Anshul Sharma will step into the shoes of a F1 race engineer to make sense of telemetry data coming out of a F1 game, running on Xbox/PS.
  • Anshul Sharma
    Anshul Sharma
    Senior Product Manager at Microsoft