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Inspiring activist engineering to improve global air quality with citizen science and Grafana Cloud

DesignSpark is a design engineering community of RS Components, with 1.2 million engineers registered on the platform globally. As part of their #ActivistEngineering program, Pete Wood, head of DesignSpark Experience, and his team are running a pilot initiative with 50 beta users, each of whom will build and deploy air quality kits to monitor the air quality in various places like their homes, workshops, maker spaces, and offices. The data they collect will be accessible via their personal dashboards on Grafana Cloud. The DesignSpark Experience team will also have public dashboards for the community or anyone who wants to look at the data collected. The idea is that seeing the results will prompt action to improve the air quality they live and breathe. This could be as simple as opening a window, or developing technology solutions, or perhaps lobbying the government. In this session, Pete will share some of the cool and inspirational projects from their community.
  • Pete Wood
    Pete Wood
    Head of DesignSpark Experience at RS Components